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Eucerin Sensitive Protect Face Sun Cream SPF50+ is a highly respected sunscreen specifically formulated for the face.



About the item

  • High SPF Protection: With an SPF rating of over 50, it provides superior defense against UVA and UVB rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage.
  • Formulated for Sensitive Skin: The cream is specially designed for sensitive skin, ensuring high tolerance and minimizing the risk of skin irritation.
  • Broad-Spectrum Coverage: Offers broad-spectrum sun protection, safeguarding the skin from a wide range of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Water-Resistant Formula: Its water-resistant properties make it suitable for outdoor activities, providing lasting protection even with exposure to water or sweat.
  • Fragrance-Free: To minimize the risk of irritation, the sun cream is typically fragrance-free, making it ideal for sensitive skin types.
  • Dermatologically Tested: The product is dermatologically tested, ensuring its suitability and safety for facial skin.
  • Paraben-Free Composition: Free from parabens, it aligns with modern skincare standards and consumer preferences for safer skincare ingredients.
  • Non-Comedogenic: It won’t clog pores, reducing the risk of acne breakouts, a crucial feature for a facial sunscreen.
  • Additional Skin Benefits: Offers anti-aging and antioxidant protection while providing moisturizing effects, promoting overall skin health.
  • Manufactured in Germany: Eucerin is known for its high-quality manufacturing standards, with the product being made in Germany.


(FAQs) about Eucerin Sensitive Protect Face Sun Cream SPF50+

Q: What SPF protection does Eucerin Sensitive Protect Face Sun Cream offer?

A: Eucerin Sensitive Protect Face Sun Cream provides a high level of sun protection with an SPF rating of over 50.

Q: Is Eucerin Sun Cream suitable for all skin types?

A: While it’s suitable for all skin types, it’s specifically formulated for sensitive skin, ensuring gentle care and protection.

Q: Can Eucerin Sun Cream SPF50+ be used daily?

A: Yes, it is designed for daily use, providing everyday protection against sun exposure.

Q: Is Eucerin Sun Cream water-resistant?

A: Yes, this sun cream has water-resistant properties, making it effective during activities like swimming or sweating, although reapplication is advised after a while.

Q: How often should Eucerin Sensitive Protect Face Sun Cream SPF50+ be reapplied?

A: For optimal protection, it’s recommended to reapply every two hours, especially after swimming, sweating, or towel drying.

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